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The GCI Shows Spirit at the 35th Annual Défi Canderel

The 35th annual Défi Canderel, a fundraising event in support of cancer research, took place on May 9th at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium. The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer institute (GCI) participated as a team, demonstrating commitment to overcoming cancer and enjoying a day of connecting with a community of donors equally devoted to changing the fate of cancer patients. In total, 134 people registered to participate in the event, which raised over one million dollars for cancer research.

The GCI celebrated a number of accomplishments at the Défi Canderel. The team surpassed the set fundraising goal, collecting a total of $6,525 in donations. The funds raised by the Défi Canderel support the GCI and the Institute du Cancer de Montreal, empowering these local research institutions with the resources needed to acquire game-changing knowledge and propel breakthroughs in cancer research. The philosophy of unrestricted giving from the campaign allows investment in bold initiatives, young researchers, and new approaches to innovation.

A central theme of the day was reflecting on the powerful strides made in cancer research since the beginning of the Defi Canderel campaign 35 years ago and looking to the challenges faced by the next generation of researchers with optimism. Each year, one young researcher who embodies this spirit is awarded the Marilyn Wener excellence award. This year, GCI PhD candidate Yu Gu was recognized with the award for her dedication to cancer research and engagement in community activities both within and outside the GCI.

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the event, this year featured a Health and Wellness festival and a 1980’s theme. A Groovy 80’s soundtrack accompanied cardio classes, yoga sessions, team-building challenges, and the traditional fun run. Participants dressed in 80’s style, and prizes were awarded to the best 80’s costumed team and individuals. Canderel sponsored skin cancer screenings were conducted for participants in Melanoma Canada’s Mole Mobile. Trainees and from the GCI led a research discovery centre, while director Morag Park participated in breakthrough discussions with doctors, researchers and cancer thrivers hosted by Braindate.  

The optimism and positivity demonstrated by event participants was inspiring, encouraging GCI researchers in their commitment to take on challenges. See below images of the GCI engaging with our community and embracing the spirit of the day.


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