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The GCI hosts a series of events that are an important component of our mission. They connect our communities and allow us to reach out to and interact with the public, fostering diaglogue and exchange of information that brings us closer together, strengthening our programs and informing a wide audience about progress in cancer research. As a leading cancer research institute, we attract some of the most prominent scientists in the field to present their most recent and exciting findings at the GCI. Many of these initiatives feature leadership or input by our trainees.

Scientific Events

Emerging Topics in Health (EToH) Seminars

Emerging Topics in Health 
(EToH) Seminars

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The Emerging Topics in Health (EToH) seminar series is cohosted by the GCI and the Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, Physiology and Human Genetics, as well as the McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits (MRCCT). These seminars, held on a monthly basis, feature some of the world’s most accomplished scientists and emerging leaders in cutting-edge fields of the biomedical sciences. The topics and speakers are selected in consultation with our communitiy of researchers and trainees, and the events feature opportunities for trainees to interact with the speakers. The EToH seminar series topic for 2023 was Systems Immunology.

Research Day


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Research Day is an annual event organized by the Goodman Cancer Student Society. It offers trainees the opportunity to present their work within a network of experts and peers, to share innovative strategies to help further their projects, and to foster collaborations amongst different labs and research institutes. This highly interactive event is an occasion for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students working in various fields of cancer research to gain presentation skills, give and receive important feedback, and to form new collaborations to build a stronger sense of community at the GCI. The event also features guest speakers who participate in discussions with trainees, and a keynote lecture from a distinguished leader in cancer research.

The Spotlight Seminar series

The Spotlight
Seminar series

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The Spotlight Seminar Series is a trainee-led initiative hosted by the Goodman Cancer Student Society to foster interdisciplinary communication. These casual meetings are an occasion to gather around science, bridging the group’s expertise and sparking entirely new collaborations. Hosted by the Spotlight Coordinators of GCSS, the weekly event features an invited speaker, typically a trainee who has received a GCI Internal Award, who presents their ongoing research to GCI members. This is followed by an open discussion of the presentation. Special editions of the Spotlight Seminar series include talks presented by GCI Alumni describing their career paths, as well as presentations by the GCI Innovation Platforms describing their technology and services.

The Phil Gold Distinguished Lecture

The Phil Gold
Distinguished Lecture

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In 2017, the Goodman Cancer Centre inaugurated the Phil Gold Distinguished Lecture to recognize the groundbreaking contributions to cancer research made by Dr. Phil Gold, who discovered the first cancer biomarker and served as the first Director of the McGill Cancer Center, the predecessor of the GCI that was  established 45 years ago. The lecture has been held annually every year since, bringing some of the world’s most visionary cancer scientists to the GCI. This year’s Phil Gold Distinguished Lecture was presented by Dr. Drew Pardoll, a pioneer in cancer immunotherapy based at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Community Events

Goodman Cancer Santé Gala

Goodman Cancer
Santé Gala

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The Goodman Cancer Institute Gala is the flagship fundraising event supporting the innovative cancer research of the GCI. Since the inaugural gala in 2010, this signature event has been held biennially, raising significant funding to help recruit and celebrate the world’s brightest and most innovative minds to the GCI, build and maintain our world-class core technology and innovation programs, and fund key scientific collaborations and our vital public outreach activities. The 2022 Santé Gala celebrated the contributions of GCI scientists, led by Dr. Nahum Sonenberg, to fundamental RNA biology research that has opened the door to mRNA vaccine technology and new therapeutic opportunities for cancer and other diseases.

Public Lecture Series

Public Lecture

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As part of its mission to empower patients, caregivers and families dealing with cancer, the GCI organizes an annual series of public lectures where leading experts discuss advances in cancer research. The program typically features a visiting scientific leader and a panel of GCI investigators focused on a specific topic. Through a presentation and round-table discussion, the public lectures present summaries of the latest fundamental and clinical cancer research, demystifying and breaking down complex topics in the fields of cancer biology, novel treatments and best practices in patient care management. Recent GCI Public Lectures have featured Melissa Moore, Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus of Moderna and Avak Kahvejian, General Partner at Flagship Pioneering, who discussed various aspects of RNA-based therapy for cancer. Additional examples of recent topics include Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and Cancer Metabolism.

Defi Canderel


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The Défi Canderel Fundraising is a year-round charity event that culminates in a grand gathering and a celebratory run through the streets of Montreal. Founded in 1989 by Jonathan Wener, this event is dedicated to supporting cancer research through funding leading-edge research projects, recruiting new faculty members, and providing scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries to trainees. Through generous support from GCI, the Goodman Cancer Student Society has assumed leadership roles in organizing a wide range of engaging fundraising events to raise awareness about cancer research while fostering meaningful connections within the research community.

Terry Fox Foundation Fundraising

Terry Fox Foundation

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The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) supports many GCI investigators and their collaborators through the Program Project Grant in Oncometabolism, the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network, and grants to individual researchers. Each year, the GCI organizes teams to raise funds in support of the Terry Fox Foundation’s annual run led by the Goodman Cancer Student Society. Thanks to all fundraisers, runners, and donors who participated in the 2022 edition of the run, the TFRI-Oncometabolism team raised $7720 and the Marathon of Hope Quebec team raised $8,955.