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Investing in new frontiers of cancer research

Investing in new frontiers of cancer research


These are
exciting times!

Characterized by unprecedented collaboration between clinicians, research scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. By working together, they are breaking down silos, fostering innovation, making groundbreaking discoveries, and transforming the landscape of cancer research- thereby creating new opportunities for cancer patients.

research areas

With your generous support, the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute is posed to lead the way on these five high priority areas:

  • Lung cancer

    Lung cancer

    with an intent to cure

  • Metabolism & cancer

    Metabolism & cancer

    a next frontier of cancer therapeutics 

  • High fatality cancers

    High fatality cancers

    tackling the toughest challenges in cancer research

  • RNA therapeutics

    RNA therapeutics

    developing new drugs for previously undruggable cancer targets

  • AI and deep learning

    AI and deep learning

    driving the next precision oncology breakthroughs

These strategic areas of investment build on the GCI’s strong foundation of research expertise, our track record of innovation and partnerships and our existing facilities and infrastructure. We believe these areas provide the best opportunity to deliver on significant results over the next five to ten years.

Your support
makes a difference

Your leadership support will result in tangible benefits to cancer patients everywhere– through earlier detection, expanded therapeutic development, more personalized medicine, and improved prediction, prevention, and survivorship.

Your support makes a difference

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