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We bring together some of the brightest minds in cancer research who uncover game-changing knowledge to help tackle cancer faster and more effectively.

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Our training programs

Our training programs

Eager to start your career in cancer research? Your journey starts here! By training at our Institute, you will be mentored by world leading researchers who are passionate about training the next generation of leaders.


A rewarding career awaits

A rewarding career awaits

Bring your passion and advance your career. Join our team driven by collaboration and a determination to make a difference for cancer patients.

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Nourishing Our Future: Critical Connections Between Food, Weight, and Cancer

Oct 16, 2024

This public lecture will feature Daniela Quail, Ph.D., author Mark Schatzker, Dana Small, Ph.D., and Joe Schwarcz, Ph.D.


Diet, Bodyweight and Cancer Risk - 2024 GCI Gairdner Symposium

From Oct 16 to Oct 18 2024

This event will bring together approximately 150 biomedical and clinical researcher, clinicians, and health professionals, and the public to broaden understanding, foster collaboration, and empower stake holders to address the challenges posed by obesity-related chronic diseases and cancer.

Finding knowledge that changes the outcome for cancer patients starts with you!

Groundbreaking research happens here every day. These great discoveries are not made by researchers alone. We rely on the support of our community to empower our scientists in bringing forward bold solutions to overcome cancer.

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Finding knowledge that changes the outcome for cancer patients starts with you!